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''FerrariDays of Denmark 2004'' :  Juni 2004

About Club di Fiorano

Club di Fiorano is the largest and second best Ferrari Club in Denmark! Compared to the Ferrari Owners' Club Denmark, our collection in Club di Fiorano is larger and spread over fewer members! Besides a lot of fantastic model cars our collection also consists of 15 real Ferraris, so when we are gathered our parking is nearly just as exciting as when the real Ferrari club is together. In Club di Fiorano the size of the collection is not crucial. The most important thing is the interest in Ferrari model cars, and then it doesn't matter if the value of the collection is 1.000 DKK or 1.000.000 DKK. The age of our members is much spread - the interest in Ferrari and Ferrari model cars is the only thing that matters.

Why Fiorano?
Fiorano is Ferrari's test track in its home town Maranello. A large plate in front of the test track shows that you have reached "pista di Fiorano", so it was not difficult to find the name of our club;" Club di Fiorano.

Ferrari uses Fiorano to test new cars as well as training and testing of their formula-1 cars. So it is exactly at Fiorano all the cars in our collection has driven - though in full size.

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